• NEW ! Bargain Pack  8 Birch Plywood Horse Shoe

NEW ! Bargain Pack 8 Birch Plywood Horse Shoe

Brand: Dalescraft
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Birch plywood Horse Shoe Blanks hand made from top quality Birch plywood . These are a very popular item as they are a good bit cheaper than my Sycamore Horse shoe. Not quite in the same league as the Sycamore Blank but I always pick out the best sheets of Birch plywood for these and they are finely sanded and perfectly finished which makes them very easy to decorate and they sell really well too as wedding favours and Pony Gifts. They measure approximately 6 inches by 5.5 inche and are 4mm thick, the same size as the Sycamore ones but thinner. Value Pack of eight

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