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Key Fobs, Pendants & Brooches Sycamore

Sycamore Oval Brooch Single

Sycamore Oval Brooch BlankOur hand made Sycamore Oval Brooch Blanks for pyr..

£0.80 Ex Tax: £0.67

Sycamore Oval Key Fob Single

Sycamore Oval Key Fob BlankOur hand made Sycamore Oval Key Fob Blanks for p..

£0.99 Ex Tax: £0.83

Sycamore Oval pendant Single

Sycamore Oval Pendant BlankOur hand made Sycamore Oval Pendant Blanks for p..

£0.89 Ex Tax: £0.74

Sycamore Rectangular Key Fob Single

Sycamore Rectangular Key Fob BlankOur hand made Sycamore Rectangular Key Fo..

£0.74 Ex Tax: £0.62

Sycamore Rectangular Pendant Single

Sycamore Rectangular Pendant BlankOur hand made Sycamore Rectangular Pendan..

£0.65 Ex Tax: £0.54

Sycamore Round Brooch Single

Sycamore Round Brooch BlankOur hand made Sycamore Round Key Fob Blanks for pyrography..

£0.75 Ex Tax: £0.63

Sycamore Round Key Fob Single

Sycamore Round Key Fob BlankOur hand made Sycamore Round Key Fob Blanks for pyrography come&nbs..

£0.99 Ex Tax: £0.83

Sycamore Round Pendant Blank

Sycamore Round Pendant BlankOur hand made Sycamore Round Pendant Blanks for..

£0.85 Ex Tax: £0.71

Sycamore Triangle Key Fob Single

Sycamore Triangle Key Fob BlankOur hand made Sycamore Triangle Key Fob Blan..

£0.99 Ex Tax: £0.83

Sycamore Triangle Pendant Single

Sycamore Triangle Pendant BlankOur hand made Sycamore Triangle Key Fob..

£0.85 Ex Tax: £0.71

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