• Sycamore 3 Shaker Peg Plaque

Sycamore 3 Shaker Peg Plaque

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Sycamore Shaker Peg Coat Hook Plaque with 3 Shaker Pegs

Lovely Sycamore Shaker Peg Plaques hand made in my workshop from Kiln dried Sycamore.My largest Shaker Peg plaque with 3 Shaker pegs and really nice shaped ends. this one is made of thicker Sycamore and is very sturdy and substantial. All of the Shaker peg plaques have holes drilled for screw fixing on a wall or door and the holes are countersunk so that the screw heads fit flush with the plaque. The two and three peg plaques have two holes and the one peg plaque one hole.

This three peg shaker plaque is 5 inches tall 15 inches wide and 1/3 an inch thick that's 12.5 cm. tall, 37 cm. wide and 18 mm thick. the Shaker peg sticks out about 2.5 inches

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